The Six Worst Places in the World to Vape

vapeVaping has become so popular that you hardly think about what you are doing when you take that e-cig out. In fact, nobody does a double take when they see you enjoying your e-cigarette. However, if you are a frequent traveller, you need to be aware that some of the world’s most loved destinations do not condone it.

This means that before you pack up your bags for the next vacation or business trip, you must learn about their vaping laws. If you are caught enjoying a vape in some of the following places, you may find land right into hot water.

Places Where Vaping is Banned

These places will not take your vaping nicely. You will not only be loudly warned to quit vaping, but you may also be thrown out of a café or get into worse trouble.


Smoking is not taken lightly in surprisingly many countries. The United Arab Emirates is known for its strict rules. Vaping is completely outlawed here.

Visitors to the popular Dubai have reported having their vapes confiscated even when they are on their way out. When in Dubai, keep your gear well away from the prying eyes of government representatives. If you must vape, maybe take a detour and avoid this city altogether.


In Singapore, you cannot buy e-cigarettes, own them or vape. If you do, you will be breaking the law. This is punishable by a fine that may go up to $2,000.

If you try being sneaky and get some vapes online and ship them into the country, you could go to jail for six months or pay fines to the tune of $10,000. A repeat offence gives you double of everything.

According to ePuffer experts, you could also get your gear taken off you on transit. This is one country that takes its vaping laws very seriously and where a visitor could get into a lot of trouble.

Qatar Airways

Vaping is not allowed in the majority of airlines. Nevertheless, in quite a number of them, you can get away with sneaking a puff in the restrooms.

However, do not attempt to play sneaky at Qatar Airways. They will not even discuss options with you. You are most likely to end up in prison for at least twenty-eight hours if you are caught. In addition, you may be banned from Qatar Airways altogether. It does not matter that you have return tickets.

Hong Kong

Define irony: Hong Kong is China which is a huge e-cigarette manufacturer. Actually, modern e-cig can trace its origins to China. That aside, if you are caught vaping in Hong Kong, you could cool your heels in jail for two years or pay up to HK$100,000 in fines.


India is another country that does not take kindly to smoking or vaping. In Punjab, vaping could get you some serious problems. People have been known to stay in jail for up to three years for vaping! They are not taking any chances with nicotine in any form and forbid vaping for the welfare of society.


It is said that if you are caught vaping in Thailand, you could change your address to that of a Thai as you will be in for up to ten years! Although the enforcement is inconsistent, the restrictions are in place.

What is likely to happen if you are caught is you will be required to pay your way out of trouble.


Ensure that you know the vaping laws of your travel destination well before you set off. Not adhering to the laws of the land could get you into more trouble than it is worth.

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