The Stunning New Web Series: PETROL

Here’s a new web action/drama series that’s being filmed in the heart of Toronto right now called PETROL. It’s a story about five daring drivers living on the edge as they try to make sense of their life and find meaning.

Production started this September and filming takes place around the GTA from Oakville to downtown Toronto. You’ll see a lot of high end cars from Ferrari to Lamborghini used in the production of this series and not to mention a private jet.

The official website PetrolTheSeries describes this show as a hybrid between The Fast And The Furious and Sons of Anarchy. Quite an interesting mix, we’re certainly looking forward to see how it turns out.

The five main characters: Amber, Matt, Henry, Nick and Ali are contracted by a mysterious man shrouded in secrecy. Only known by his alias “The Employer” he operates from the shadows giving assignments that are often dangerous and illegal.

One characteristic shared by all drivers makes them ideal candidates for The Employer; it’s their willingness to tear through the streets of Toronto without regard to their safety and wellbeing.

Reckless endangerment, Evading Police, Speeding, Grand Theft Auto – These all seem fair game judging from the show’s preview.

Being in the early stages of filming details of this new show will follow. You can watch sneak previews and behind the scenes footage before the show begins to air by following PETROL on Facebook.

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