The Truth About Why Relationships Don’t Work Out And How To Improve It

Photo by piyaphantawong FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by piyaphantawong FreeDigitalPhotos

When it comes to love, no individual knows absolutely everything – I mean, it’s difficult to know what your significant other wants and expects out of you. Nowadays, people constantly pick a fight over anything; it could possibly deal with things like, “who left the bathroom light on?”, or “I am sick of your leaving your towel on the bed!”. Are these little things really what bother you? Or is it something else?

I find that there’s more to it – there might be some unresolved business with one another, or there might have been something else on your mind, and you take it out on your partner. We can’t simply end a relationship for unexplained reasons and expect your significant other to know what’s up.

So here are some reasons as to why your relationship isn’t working out, and how you can improve on it:

Lack of Communication

How is your significant other expected to know what’s going on if there’s no dialogue? This is by far the most important key to having a healthy relationship. We can’t expect to be happy with one another if we don’t know what’s going on. If there’s something extremely important going on it needs to be said – work up the nerve to tell them otherwise it’ll drive you (and him/her) mad.

Trust Issues

“You’re not allowed to hang out with her. If you do that, it’s over!”…Do you really want it to be over or are you just saying that because you’re afraid of losing him/her in the first place? This is a big sign of not having enough trust for your loved one and not having enough security within the relationship – has he or she ever given you a reason not to trust him/her? If so, then that’s completely understandable – but if they truly are and have always been faithful, then there’s nothing to be worried about. Don’t always expect the worst to happen; unless it already has – then you might need to reconsider why you’re still with them in the first place.

Not Being Able To Compromise

Sometimes compromising might be a difficult task – your significant other might want to relocate to another city because there are better opportunities, but you want to stay in the same place because you’re used to it. Sometimes couples disagree on certain things and break up, but whose to say that relocating won’t be good for you? Couples need to be able to compromise certain things just to make the other happy. It might work out in the end – but if it doesn’t, then maybe you two can try something else out.

Like everything in life, being in a relationship is hard work. We have to put a lot of time, effort and trust into it. We need to be able to communicate and be a little more reasonable – it’s quite a tricky task, but what in life isn’t?

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