Toronto’s Uai Pizzeria Has Unique And Tasty Brazilian Pizza

uai pizzeriaThis past month we got to try a unique pizzeria on St. Clair Ave. It was recently that I discovered Brazil has it’s own style of pizza.

I thought there was only one type, Italian. But you live and learn, and let your taste buds enjoy the delight.

Uai Pizzeria is a small little shop near the intersection of St. Claire and Dufferin. At the time we arrived, around 7pm on a weekday, there was decent amount of seating and staff was able to accommodate everyone in a proper time.

So, what is a Brazilian style pizza?

Generally the crust is filled with either cheddar or creamy Brazilian cheese (Requeijão). Additionally you’ll find that Brazilian pizza has little to no tomato sauce that you’ll find in traditional pizzas.

So what did we try at Uai Pizzeria? We decided to order two different flavors on one pizza, half and half. The first half is Ouro Preto which has creamy Brazilian cheese, cheddar and parmesan. The other half is Betim, chicken and Brazilian cheese.

Being a cheese fan I truly loved the Ouro Preto, I believe this packs the most flavor and I’d recommend everyone trying this at least once. Of course the Betim was delicious too. What I loved about this pizza is that it did not feel greasy. In fact, it felt very light and easy to digest. Despite the light texture it was a filling meal between two people.

When your meal arrives the servers offer to provide mayo, ketchup and olive oil as condiments. I do recommend trying their pizza with the condiments as it’s made to be combined. Traditionally instead of pizza sauce in Brazil ketchup is used. You’ll find a pleasant difference when combining these ingredients.

To top it off of the pizza arrives in an elevated platter which makes digging into the slices that much more fancy and enjoyable.

Uai Pizzeria opens everyday at noon. From Mon-Thu they close at 10PM while Fri-Sun they close 11PM.

1262 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B9

*Pizza served only after 5PM

uai pizzeria

uai pizzeria

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