Vacationing At Cabo San Lucas Mexico

IMG-20151107-WA0013My resort at Los Cabos, Mexico was with Riu Santa Fe through Sunwing Vacations; an all-inclusive trip costing just over $1,080.00

I have to say I’ve stayed at much better resorts than this.

This 4.5 Star hotel looked and felt more like 3 Stars when compared to other destinations like Jamaica. My guess is the resort has more to do with the experience than the general norms at Cabo.

The standard room is rather boring with a magnificent view of the sidewalk.

But let’s be fair, not everyone gets the best view, and that’s okay.

Also, you can’t drink the water from the tap because it’s not treated properly – this is true for all resorts here.

Aside from the general resort, the view out to the ocean is amazing. As you walk down the path leading to the main beach you’re greeted with the familiar sounds of the ocean waters crashing and a warm sea breeze taking over you…


Rui Santa Fe has two main swimming pools. One situated near the center of the resort surrounded by the hotel rooms and the other right by the beach complete with two bars.

Open Bar

Need I say more?

We’ll get to that in a minute.


Night view of the pool by the beach
Another angle of the beach pool

The entrance of the resort beach has dozens of merchants in white clothing waiting for the next tourist to walk by.

It looks intimidating at first but you quickly find out how friendly they are…and after a few “No thank you” they tend to leave you alone.

The waters at Cabo are fairly rough with warnings and markings indicating unsafe swimming conditions at all times. The pacific ocean waters are always rough I’m told. It doesn’t stop the strong swimmers from entering the water…for the most part everyone else stays away.

The view is beautiful, however, what’s the point in going to the beach if no one can enter the water? That’s a drawback…for this region anyways.




Let’s talk about the food…

Personally, I would rate it as a 2.5 to 3. It wasn’t amazing but it did the job.

Various selections of a la carte restaurants include Mexican, Italian and Chinese food – all mediocre.

Night life revolved around the center square of the resort. It has two outdoor bars, a large entertainment stage with over 200 seating capacity, a night club and an arcade/game room where you have to pay to use the games.



The night club is almost always empty…

It’s too bad because Cabo has some smoking-hot-girls vacationing.

If it wasn’t for my antisocial wingman this could’ve turned into a wild adventure.

The Excursions are pretty good here.

I went on an ATV tour which took us through the deserts of Los Cabos ending at a location where a scene from Troy (2004) was filmed.



One of our ATV tour stops. During the summer you can see whales come to the surface of the water
One of our ATV tour stops. During the summer you can see whales come to the surface of the water


I have to warn you that ATV can be dangerous. We were at times traveling around 70km/hour through bends and turns on mountains. One wrong move could lead you tumbling down the side of a mountain.

If you’re looking for a relaxing excursion this isn’t it.

If relaxing is what you want then I suggest the Catamaran cruise.

It includes lunch, booze, music, snorkeling and a pass by the “arc” which Los Cabos is famously known for.




I wouldn’t be able to tell you about the prices – I don’t remember them. My guess is it costs under $100USD for each.

There are other outings available such as an off-resort night life tour which we chose not to do as well as swimming with the dolphins.

Here’s something that I HIGHLY recommend – if you’re going on a tequila tasting tour – which you should, and you like what you taste…buy it…from that store!

Here's what a $100 aged tequila looks like. Much more expensive at the airport.
Here’s what a $100 aged tequila looks like. Much more expensive at the airport.

Tequila is priced much higher at the airport duty free shops and I learned it the hard way.

All in all this was a decent trip.

They should work on the food and maybe nicer rooms. For a 4.5 star resort it wasn’t all that impressive.

That’s it for this trip!

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