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Dragon Ball Super Episode 61
Zamasu’s Ambition – “Human 0 Plan” is Revealed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 60
Back to the Future – Goku Black’s Identity is Revealed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59
Protect Kaiō-shin Gowasu – Destroy Zamasu!

Episode 58

Zamasu and Black – The Two’s Mystery Deepens

Episode 57
God with the Invulnerable Body – Zamasu’s Advent

The Story

First released on July 5th 2015 in Fuji TV Japan, Dragon Ball Super is a continuation of Dragon Ball Z. The franchise hasn’t aired a new episode in over 18 years. The news turned out to be pleasant surprise to all the Dragon Ball Z fans out there.

So where does Dragon Ball Super fit in? After all we have Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT… and now this.

Actually believe it or not Dragon Ball Super takes place right after Dragon Ball Z and before Dragon Ball GT.

That’s a bit of a surprise because when you watch dragon ball super you’ll realize (minor spoiler if you haven’t seen it) that Goku and Vegeta are in cahoots with the most power beings above and beyond the universe. Not only that but they learn from these “Supreme Gods and Kings” how to harness Godly powers.

They’ll definitely have to do a bit of explaining in terms of how it fits in at the end, when it transitions to Dragon Ball GT.


For those of you who enjoy a bit of reading…

After a period of peace on earth when Goku defeats Kid Buu, he finds himself being a farmer. Plowing the land, picking vegetables, looking after his family; and on occasion squeezing in some training when Chi-Chi isn’t around.

It’s definitely not the ideal state for Goku – the most powerful mortal warrior in the universe.

I have to admit it would be pretty boring.

But the creator of this series Akira Toriyama puts the Godly characters in the Z-Universe at the front and center stage allowing us to get a glimpse of their conflict and life.

When you watch dragon ball super you’ll see the earthly state of affairs are connected to the Godly plane… power struggles between supreme gods causes the earth to become a battle field.

Without giving away too much these plot lines are definitely interesting in that it adds a new dimension to the story.

To be honest, the first 15 episodes was not all too interesting. In fact, they felt like fillers to me. There truly was no deeper story – yes, it lacked depth. But what you realize after watching past the 15 episodes is that it sets up a narrative for the rest of the episodes beyond.


Without further ado…

Enjoy some of these episodes that I’ll be continually updating on this page every week – please bookmark.

For a whole list of all episodes you can click on this link if you’re interested.

Also leave comments below if there’s any requests… I know some of you would probably like to see older episodes posted here as well – I will work on that shortly.

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