What To Do After Prom And What You Should Wear

promProm is a whole event and just as it starts weeks before the occasion, it’ll also continue after the main event. In fact, the events following the crowning of the prom king and queen often contribute to the best memories.

These activities may include themed school functions or a chilled get together. During this time, you and your friends get to have the time of your lives. For the school functions, the school may put out a theme to guide the festivities which will be different from the prom’s theme.

Don’t worry because there’ll be lots of fun games and explosive entertainment to keep you jamming until the morning light.

While they’ll be numerous after prom activities, the ultimate decision lies with you. However, it’s important to make an early decision so you have a seamless night. For example, if you choose to attend the school’s after prom festivities, you must keep in mind the theme.

For this reason, you’ll have to pick your outfit well in advance. Read on to find out more about after prom activities.

After Prom Festivities

Again, these festivities will be so many that making a decision will be difficult. Overall, the decision is yours and you can spend the remainder of the night however you feel like. School functions offer the cheapest way to have fun.

Some of the common themes include ‘Casino Night’ which involves all kinds of gambling such as poker and slot machines. Other themes could be carnival-style which involves riding mechanical bulls and eating cotton candy among others. Afterward, you can hit the photobooth or sing in a karaoke contest.

Another low-cost option includes hanging out at one of your friend’s house to watch a movie.

Outside school functions offer the most fun, but they come at an expense. Some of the activities includebonfire lighting, scavenger hunting and bowling. You could even choose to have a taste of each event.

For example, after the main event, you can head to the school’s function, then light a bonfire or go scavenger hunting and later chill at your friend’s house.

What Outfit Should You Wear?

After settling on the after-prom event you’ll attend, settling on an outfit is even easier. If you’ll attend the school’s function, you have to consider the theme so you don’t clash. This is why it’s great to have 2 prom dresses. One for the main event and the other for the after activities.

Getting two dresses might seem expensive but you can always search stores which sell cheap prom dresses that don’t hurt your budget and also takes care of your fashion sense.

After-prom parties have no limitation on the dress code. This is, of course, if you decide to skip the school’s themed festivities which require outfits with some kind of theme relation. Now you know the various after-prom parties you can attend and what to wear as well.

Over to you now to make the ultimate decision.

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