Why Do We Get Pressure From Parents To Become Someone We’re Not?

Photo by David Castillo Dominici FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by David Castillo Dominici FreeDigitalPhotos

There comes a time in your life where you’ve discovered your true passion. You know this is truly what you aspire to become and no one can possibly change your mind, right? Well, sometimes our parents might put mixed signals in our heads and make us think otherwise…

I’m sure you know what it’s like to receive pressure from parents…

What if you want to become a professional dancer but your mom or dad tell you that it’s just not right because there’s a slight chance you won’t make it, and there’s no money involved?

Trying to convince your grown and incredibly decisive child that what they want to be isn’t “one of greatest ideas” is just lowering their self-esteem.

I mean, It’s difficult to become a doctor unless that’s what your true passion is in life.

When you put a specific idea in your child’s head, it’s difficult for them to truly know whether that’s what they want, or what you want.

You see, sometimes our parents pressure us to become someone that we’re not – we can’t always succeed when it comes to doing something that simply doesn’t spark our interest. It’s difficult to tell your mom or dad that you don’t want to become a doctor or whatever it is they want us to be – but if it’s truly something you love, then I’m sure your parents will understand someday.

When pressuring your kids to do what you want, you are affecting them emotionally. It’s not just the fact that you want them to do what is asked, but it’s also how the react to it – they become very unconfident with their decisions and rely on others opinions instead of their own.

On another side, it’s difficult for parents not to do this – they just want us to be well off, and just have a good lifestyle and a high income so we don’t struggle. They don’t mean any harm towards lecturing you to become a ‘brain surgeon’, because it’s just the fact that they want you to have everything you’ve ever imagined.

It’s perfectly normal for our parents to want what’s best for us, but they also have to understand that maybe what’s best for us isn’t what they want us to do, but what we’d love do to. Sometimes we have to sit them down and tell them that we have many talents, and would love to put them to good use instead of being pressured into doing something that doesn’t spark any sort of interest.

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