I Sat On My Yoga Mat Today And Ate Chicken Wings

Photo by tiverylucky FreeDigitalPhotos
Photo by tiverylucky FreeDigitalPhotos

I’m not too proud of it.

Yeah, in fact I’ve decided to double up on my exercises this week just because of it.

You know how I feel?

When you make a promise to yourself that you’ll stick to a resolution…a new years resolution and you begin to break it.

The thing is my low self-esteem is closely connected to my weight issues. And this year I decided to finally take care of it. Enough is enough!

It’s when you decide that you’re going to get this issue handled and begin to imagine what it would be like to get the kind of results you want. Or get the kind of reactions from people I’ve always wanted.

I’ve always felt that I’ll be more attractive if I looked 15lbs lighter. Maybe even 20lbs lighter. Despite hearing my friends say that personality plays a big role in attractiveness I still feel that it’s completely not true.

But do we really need a good body image to have high self-esteem? I see plenty of guys on the heavier side with confidence and lots of friends. At the same time does anyone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt because he just has an incredible personality? What about Mila Kunis? Yeah I bet very few people have met them and yet…

I need to lose some weight.

It won’t turn me into a movie star, but at least it won’t stop me from being categorized as “fat”.

One of the biggest reasons people focus on losing weight is the desire to be more attractive. Sure some people want to be healthier, but a large number of people see health as a secondary benefit to losing weight…especially in the younger crowd.

Part of this drive comes from self-image issues enhanced by the media portraying slim women and buff men. This has been the norm for much of modern culture…until now…with model Ashley Graham becoming the first plus-sized woman to appear in Sports Illustrated magazine.

Despite slight controversy most people rightfully supported it. It won’t be long before plus sized men (is that the term for men?) make it to the stage…in my opinion.

So there you have it, the so called “plus” size models seem to be fine with their self-esteem. Why shouldn’t we?

What do you think?

Although personally I don’t feel plus sized men should make it to the modeling world, I don’t mind average men. But being a guy I still think it’s a healthier image to work up to whether it’s average or fit. Not a plus size for men.

In any case here’s to the hard work and struggle for everyone in this boat.


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