You’ll Trip Out At This New Art Maze – The Funhouse Toronto

Toronto is never short of creative and unique experiences. This summer you can check out The Funhouse Toronto for some cool art by the collective group Mondo Forma and Universal Music Canada.

Unlike most art exhibits that I’ve visited this one stood out in a unique way. The exhibit incorporates augmented reality adding to the immersive experience.

You are received at the lobby of an interdimensional hotel where reception verifies your tickets and gives instructions on their custom mobile app; from there choose between an elevator or a closet entrance. Don’t worry, regardless of which entrance you choose, you always have the opportunity to see where the other entrance leads to.

Each room has it’s own theme from horror to an underwater ballroom. The mixed realities makes this a very fun experience, it’s as if you’re transported somewhere entirely different each time.

The room with life-sized-cut-outs of SonReal was my favorite. Unfortunately I had no idea the cutouts actually move in the augmented reality app. But it was a very interesting room nonetheless.

You can check out some of the rooms here:

We went during the day time, after looking at some of the pictures online I would recommended going in the evening when all the lights are on. It will definitely add to the atmosphere.

The art installation is open until September 22, 2019. Free parking is available on Lisgar St and a few other inside streets, we didn’t have trouble finding any.

Location: 101 Lisgar St, Toronto, ON M6J 3G4

Operating hours :
Mon  4PM–10PM
Tues 12PM–10PM
Wed 12PM–10PM
Thur 12PM–10PM
Fri    12PM–12AM
Sat   10AM–12AM
Sun  10AM–8PM

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