Shy Love Letter Written For The Man She Adores

Photo by digitalart Freedigitalphotos
Photo by digitalart Freedigitalphotos

Dear (Insert Name Here)

As you may know, I am not one for words. If reading and writing could be my only form of communication for the rest of my life, I would not be upset. The reason I am writing is to say that I love you. I love you more than a voice can express.

From the very first day we met I knew there was something about you I couldn’t let go. That thought alone gave me the courage to talk to you, and I have not regretted my decision since. Your smile, your demeanor, your wit and confidence is so refreshing, so different from what I am, and I love it.

When we went on our first date, I felt I could listen to you talk about any and everything all day and not be bored. I would not have thought you ill-mannered, vain, or any other negative connotation. I actually wished that the night would have never ended, so you wouldn’t have to stop talking.

When you asked for another date it surprised me, because I wasn’t much of a talker but more of a listener. You, however, said that that was what you liked most about me. Do you remember that moment? Because I do. That was the moment when I knew that you were meant for me.

The phrase opposites attract never made more sense than when we are together. People may never understand it, but it’s okay. You prefer to shout your love to the rooftops, while I may prefer to send you a love song or write you a letter, and hope you understand, but it works for us. It is what works best for us. We balance each other out like yin and yang, different but perfect for one another.

I love you. I love you so much. So much that when you finish reading this letter and come running into my arms, I will shout my love to the rooftops with you, to let our love be known to the world. Shifting this wonderful balance for a moment, stepping outside of my box, so you know and the world knows, without a shadow of a doubt, how much I love you.

Yours Truly,

( Insert Name Here)

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