Thompson Diner Mac n Cheese And Poutine

Probably the best 7 seconds of my day aside from actually eating it…



Well, maybe a bit dramatic… but I’m sure you can spot a cheese lover from a mile away.

We went to the Thompson Diner at Bathurst St and Wellington to try their Peking Duck Poutine and also their Mac and Cheese.

Did I mention we came for cheese?

Okay we’ll start with the Peking Duck Poutine. The gravy either makes or breaks it and this hoisin duck gravy is amazing even on its own. It also has green onions, black sesame seeds and duck meat topped with crispy duck skin combined together into delicious Canadian goodness. By looking at the plate you couldn’t tell how filling it actually is. Personally I thought I’d have to order another plate when I got it but one was definitely enough.

Then we moved on to their Double Mac and Cheese. This is considered one of their signature dishes. Melted Swiss, asiago, cheddar, and provolone on top of macaroni. Let’s not forget the truffle oil finish. You have the option of adding goat cheese and/or bacon. I do think the goat cheese is a good idea even though we didn’t get it. On its own the Double Mac and Cheese tasted a little low on salt and the goat cheese would definitely have made a nice enhancement. Still tasty nonetheless.

Thompson Diner used to be open 24hr, you can tell from the print on their napkins. Now they are open from 6AM – 3AM. A full 21 hours.

550 Wellington St W,
Toronto, ON M5V 2V5
(416) 601-3533

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